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testimonial from Sister Helen Prejean

Sister Helen Prejean, founder and Chairperson of the Moratorium Campaign Education Fund, is an internationally renowned activist, author, and Nobel Peace sister helen prejean | www.greenseedsgrants.comPrize nominee.  Her book, Dead Man Walking, was on the New York Times Bestseller List for 31 weeks.  It was also on the International Bestseller List.  It has been translated into ten different languages.

Terry Rumsey is one of the most skilled and productive grant writers and fundraising consultants in the entire United States. We are delighted that he is part of our team here at the Moratorium Campaign Education Fund. Terry has been a vital catalyst for developing the Witness to Innocence project.  He helped us to raise nearly $1,000,000 for the mission of empowering exonerated ex-death row prisoners and their family members.  Without Terry’s passionate commitment and expertise, we never would have been able to share the compelling stories of innocence and redemption that are moving millions of Americans to question the death penalty.

We are also partnering with Terry to raise funds for the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project.  In 2002, Tim Robbins wrote the stage play of my book, Dead Man Walking.  We decided that Terry Rumsey was the right person to assist us in our dream of bringing this powerful theatrical production to young people on campuses throughout this land.  He has raised tens of thousands of dollars for this project.  I am so excited by the opportunity to engage and challenge young minds and hearts about the human impact of state-sponsored killing.

Terry is more than a writer and a salesperson – although he is quite persuasive in both roles – he really is an activist who happens to focus on the exchange of money from people who are blessed to people who are in need.  He comes to his present calling after many years at the grassroots level organizing homeless people, prisoners, and other people at the bottom of our society.  Terry is for real.  I believe that is the highest praise that I can give any professional.”

Sister Helen’s second book, The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions, was published in December 2004.  Sister Helen Prejean is the most well-known and beloved anti-death penalty spokesperson on Planet Earth.

testimonial from Celeste Fitzgerald

Celeste Fitzgerald is the Program Director of New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the celeste fitzgerald | www.greenseedsgrants.com | NJADPDeath Penalty (NJADP).  She is one of the leading forces in the national death penalty abolition/moratorium movement. Ms. Fitzgerald was NJADP’s Chairperson from its founding in 1999 until 2001, when she joined the staff of Equal Justice USA, a national organization that assists state moratorium campaigns.

While with Equal Justice USA, Celeste coordinated NJADP’s 2002-2003 study bill campaign.  She became NJADP’s full time Program Director in January 2004.  Under her leadership, NJADP successfully lobbied for passage of the nation's first legislatively imposed moratorium on executions. The legislation, which also created a study commission to examine all aspect of New Jersey's death penalty, was signed into law by Governor Richard Codey on January 12, 2006.

testimonial from Jane Henderson

“I have often shared with my colleagues in the anti-death penalty field that Terry Rumsey is the best grant writer in our movement. jane henderson | www.greenseedsgrants.com | MDCASE

I have been working with Terry in the anti-death penalty movement for over a decade. We collaborated together in the 1990’s when Terry founded Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty and I was a Co-director at the Quixote Center and working for the Equal Justice USA project. I immediately recognized that Terry Rumsey was a smart organizer, strategic thinker, and effective grassroots fund raiser.

In 2000, I was part of a team at Equal Justice USA that hired Terry to develop a grants program for our expanding project. We secured major grant awards totaling over $150,000 from the Public Welfare Foundation, Arca Foundation, Open Society Institute and several smaller foundations and religious funds. These grants were the catalyst for launching organizing efforts throughout the United States and winning a death penalty moratorium in Maryland. Terry left Equal Justice USA to take a job with the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, but his legacy endured because Equal Justice USA continues to incorporate grant development as an important component of its fundraising approach to this day.

I left Equal Justice USA in 2004 to assume the position of Executive Director of Maryland Citizens Against State Executions (MD CASE). Opportunity knocked loudly on our organization’s door this November (2006) when Martin O’Malley, a lifelong opponent of the death penalty, was elected governor of Maryland. I realized I needed a grants consultant to quickly produce a proposal to market to national foundations interested in helping MD CASE seize the opportunity to abolish the death penalty in our state. I called Terry Rumsey on the telephone. He developed a document under an unforgiving deadline that was distributed immediately to key national foundations. By early December of 2006 we had already begun to generate the resources we will need to take down the Maryland death penalty.

I will not hesitate to tap Terry Rumsey’s skills and expertise in the future for MD CASE. He is a creative thinker, clear and competent writer, and—I believe this is the key to his success—a passionate advocate for justice who has done the hard work of organizing campaigns at the grassroots level.”

Jane Henderson
Maryland Citizens Against State Executions (MD CASE)

testimonial from Joseph A. Rogers

“Terry Rumsey has had a spectacular track record of finding funding opportunities and successfully going after them. In the five years he was Director of Grants Management joseph rogers | www.greenseedsgrants.com | mhaspat the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP), he raised more than $8 million in grant awards. Terry has gone “above and beyond” in not only writing proposals for projects designed by other MHASP staffers, but often in designing the projects for which he was writing the proposals. Aside from his enormous creativity and hard work, Terry has great leadership ability, as evidenced by his skill in leading teams that developed extremely complex proposals requiring a team effort. And he is always a pleasure to work with!

Terry’s work is informed by his philosophy, which is to promote the rights and empowerment of people who live on the margins of society, people who are disenfranchised, people who have not been able to share in the American Dream.

Although we were very disappointed when Terry decided to leave MHASP to create his own business, we are very happy to continue a relationship with him as one of his clients."

Joseph A. Rogers
Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP)

testimonial from Nicola Tollett Jefferson

“I first met Terry Rumsey several years ago when I served on the Board of the YWCA of Chester, Pennsylvania. Terry was employed as the Director of Development of thenicola tollett jefferson | www.greenseedsgrants.com | TAP of Chester YWCA at that time. When I began conducting the research to launch my own non-profit organization, a trusted friend strongly suggested that I contact Terry as someone who could give me valuable advice. This turned out to be more than true. Since 2001, Terry has been helping The Achievement Project (TAP) in significant ways. TAP is a mentoring and peer support program that is empowering young people in Chester to achieve academic success and go to college. Terry was instrumental in TAP receiving the first grants that established the program. He knew what foundations to target (I had done my own research but was not entirely on the mark), asked crucial questions that helped me to clarify TAP’s vision and mission, gave me a wonderful “crash course” on Fundraising 101, and provided valuable feedback on the proposal I drafted. As one who was in the very beginning stages of doing something I had never done and for which I had absolutely no frame of reference, he turned out to be the perfect person to consult!

Since TAP’s start back then, Terry has always been someone whose opinion I consult and services I seek. He has helped us to raise more than $100,000. First and foremost, he is superb at what he does. He knows how to write grants, how to execute other fundraising strategies, how to identify funding sources, how to interact with people, and simply how to get things done. Secondly, I can always count on Terry to give me his honest views—even if it’s not what I want to hear. Finally, I have always found Terry to uphold the highest standards of professionalism. I have never felt that he takes the business that I give him—though small as it has sometimes been—for granted.

I am very pleased with my organization’s association with Terry and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”

Nicola Tollett Jefferson
The Achievement Project (TAP)

testimonial from Bread and Roses Community Fund

The Bread and Roses Community Fund honored Terry Rumsey, President of Green Seeds, at the "30 for 30 Tribute to Change" event in 2007.  He was celebrated as one of 30 Philadelphia area activists "who have broken new ground, building paths to social justice" as part of the Fund's 30th Anniversary festivities.

For more information about Terry's award and the 30 for 30 Tribute to Change event, visit these Web pages: www.breadrosesfund.org

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